My name is Cuong Tran, from Vietnam. I’m a WordPress web designer with 6 years of experience and an eye for detail.

I’ve been working with ThemeForest for almost 6 years. I’m proud of bringing values to more than 6,000 satisfied customers.

Due to a partnership, I have to set a high price for my qualified items. So 2018, I decided to make my own space where I can craft high-quality items with an affordable price for customers. You can still buy my items on ThemeForest with an averange price range $49 – $59, or you can pick all WordPress themes on this site for only $20. All items are still updated & supported.

Last but not least, making customers happy is our top priority! Thank you for being part of our journey.

Real Reviews

What a theme!! Works like a dream. Easy to adjust and with a really helpful support. It’s fast and works seamless with a lot of plugins too. This is among my top 3 themes and a 5 star +.
runert – an 8-year user on ThemeForest

It will likely take an hour or two (or three) to get fully familiar with the Theme, what it offers and its range of settings – but it’s a small investment for a top quality return.
stiofanc – France

This theme is great, fast to set up, and a lot of fun to work with. Was able to get the site setup in less than a day and launched in no time. I can’t recommend this enough!
svillagracia – USA

I really love the design, and the setup wasn’t too bad. I’m still trying to figure out how to have captions on featured photos in single posts, but hopefully that’s solved soon!

I am using it on CentralFloridaFocus.com, which is a student newspaper covering the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. We’ve only received compliments on our new look since we relaunched the site at the beginning of the year.

I love this theme and highly recommend it.

Probably the best magazine style theme I’ve ever used. Great design, clean un-bloated code and great support. 5 stars for wi themes.

By far the best wordpress theme I have ever used. The design is extremely clean, looks great on desktop and phones. Great documentation with installation instructions. Extremely easy to modify and customize.

Great documentation, never once did I have to reach out to the designer for help. I highly recommend this wordpress theme!
amycmoore – USA

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Implements Photography great. Thank you for the great designed theme and fast load time. I am very happy and have purchased dozens of themes over the last 5 years. Please make more themes like this!!!